Quote of the Day

Isn’t that what all study ought to produce, freedom for ourselves? At first we’ll be free from vocal limitations; then we’ll realize we’re free of the desire to impress others – and perhaps ourselves – with our “talent,” our “artistry,” our “beautiful voice;” and in that freedom perhaps we’ll find the sheer joy of using the voice directly and effectively with no thought of what others think of us, bringing the full force and power of our understanding to our performance without concern for the manner in which it’s delivered, before we’re totally sincere in the truth: “I’m honest; I can’t do more.” It’s then that the Soul is free to speak. It’s then that they body/mind can give itself wholly to expressive vocalization.

When we reach that point, we don’t fear loss of technique or inability to communicate, because we can’t do more because there is no more to be done.  We become paragons as performers not because we’re “better” than anyone else, but because we’re operating at our full potential, which is the most we can do.

Edward Foreman, The Transformative Voice, Pro Musica Press. 1998.