Who Are You To Say That?

I love this video. It spoke to me in the way that I see pedagogical discussions progress. It also (I think) sums up some of my apprehension regarding ‘science’ as the total salvation of all vocalkind….

We go to science because we don’t like relativism in teaching/pedagogy – but perhaps that’s where the richer answers to the singing equation rest?

Some of my take aways and impressions – from the transcript:

1. We, as voice teachers, are moving to science as a validator as a way to avoid uncomfortable, deeper conversations about singing.

2. @ 2:08 – we accept ideas if they’re scientific truths, but everywhere ELSE we are in the arena of RELATIVISM and “who are you to say thatism.” This is problematic, because some questions are outside the realm of science and can’t be solved with a formula or experiment.

3. That just because a question can’t be answered with 100% accuracy scientifically SHOULDN’T be a reason to not address it.

4. There CAN be examples of good and bad arguments OUTSIDE of science.

5. No one’s talking about trying to impose conclusions on anyone else in the way that the Pope or the Emperor used to do. It’s all about trying to make sound arguments proceed logically and attempt to persuade others of your cause through reason and a bit of charm.

6. Rational democratic discourse depends on people engaging with one another trying to figure out ideas and not running away from complex issues by dogmatically shutting everything down.

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