Mixed Objectives in Voice Training

If I had my druthers, this would be gold plated on every voice studio in the world:

It is sometimes assumed that a voice is built at the same time as the singer learns to use it. But why is this so unthinkingly accepted? Building an instrument and making music are quite distinct skills. No other self-respecting musician would contemplate attempting both at the same time! Lumping both tasks together, before either is ready to benefit from the other in a truly productive way, causes endless frustration on both counts. The voice never gets fully built – I prefer to say ‘liberated’ – because it has to struggle with objectives for which, as yet, it has insufficient competency, and little music ever gets made because the singer is preoccupied with an as yet unresponsive instrument. Neither task is fully accomplished.

Harrison, Peter T. Singing: Personal and performance values in training. Dunedin Academic Press Ltd. 2013.