Suggested Reading

From time to time, I am often asked if there is a list of books that have helped to form my views on singing and teaching.

The list below is far from comprehensive and will be continually updated.

I hope you’ll find some great reading h
ere! JP

Anderson, James. We Sang Better, Volume 1: How We Sang: 250 Tips on How to Sing from Singers 1800 to 1960. Beuthen, 2012.

Anderson, James. We Sang Better: Volume 2: Why It Was Better: Further Evidence & Reasoning From Singers 1800 to 1960. Beuthen, 2012

Bassini, Carlo, and Stephen F. Austin. Bassini’s Art of singing: an analytical, physiological and practical system for the cultivation of the voice. Plural Pub Inc, 2007.

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Clippinger, David Alva. The Head Voice and Other Problems: Practical Talks on Singing. Oliver Ditson Company, 1917.

Clippinger, David Alva. Fundamentals of voice training. Oliver Ditson Company, 1929.

de Alcantara, Pedro. Integrated practice: coordination, rhythm, & sound. Oxford University Press, 2011.

de Alcantara, Pedro. Indirect procedures: a musician’s guide to the Alexander Technique. OUP USA, 2013.

de Alcantara, Pedro. The Integrated String Player: Embodied Vibration. Oxford University Press, 2017.

Dimon Jr, Theodore. Elements of Skill: A Conscious Approach to Learning. North Atlantic Books, 2003.

Dimon Jr, Theodore. Anatomy of the moving body: a basic course in bones, muscles, and joints. North Atlantic Books, 2008

Dimon Jr, Theodore. The Body in Motion: Its Evolution and Design. North Atlantic Books, 2011.

Dimon Jr, Theodore. Your Body, Your Voice: The Key to Natural Singing and Speaking. North Atlantic Books, 2011.

Dimon Jr, Theodore. Anatomy of the Voice. North Atlantic Books, 2018 (to be released in April).

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