Hello, I’m Justin Petersen. I help singers achieve their vocal goals by taking a functional voice training approach, allowing them to sing the way they WANT to, not the way they HAVE to. Freely, easily, and authentically.

I’m a voice teacher, vocal coach, writer, and pedagogue located in Boston, Massachusetts and I’ve helped hundreds of people with their vocal development. The joy of singing and music belong to us all:

The man who wanted to sing for his daughter’s bat mitzvah. The mother who wanted to make her daughter’s wedding day by learning a song. The aspiring professional. The Broadway actress. The opera singer experiencing vocal setbacks. I’ve loved every one.

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College Audition Coaching

I love to work with high school students all over the world to gain entry into their dream programs for musical theater. My students have gone on to such prestigious programs as Pace University, Boston University, Boston Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, NYU Tisch, Shenandoah University, Elon University, Baldwin Wallace, Ithaca College, Emerson College, Syracuse University, Point Park, and the Hartt School.

If I can help you on your college audition journey, I definitely recommend connecting with me through My College Audition!

Musicianship for the Complete Singer

“I’ve worked with vocal instructors across all schools of teaching including, pop, rock, classical and opera, and Justin has in my humble opinion displayed such an aptitude to rapidly and effectively teach me how to use my body in powerful and healthfully reproducible ways, that it doesn’t seem unlikely that Justin is on par with the greatest instructors that Boston has to offer.”

Andrew DiMarzo

Studio Artists in Song

“Justin is an amazing teacher that is great for all ages and levels of experience. His teaching is fitted to the specific student and their needs. I am a professional singer who graduated with a Masters in voice hand have been performing in Boston and around the country and have had a number of former voice teachers. Justin has really been the teacher to help me understand the importance of a healthy function and what it means to build the voice to serve the music (which is the only correct and healthy progression). Justin has made singing fun again and with every lesson I learn more and the approach is getting easier. Ease, understanding and joy, what else could you ask for in a lesson?”

Stefan R.

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