When my prior vocal teacher was closing her studio in 2019 she provided us students a list of referrals to continue our vocal studies in the Boston area, and this is what she wrote under Justin Petersen’s name:  

 ‘Absolutely phenomenal.  Perfect for very focused and dedicated students who practice regularly.  He doesn’t mess around and his instruction is first rate’. 

Every lesson is different with Justin, I’ve learned so much not only about Jazz and Musical Theater, but music theory and music history over the years.  It’s a real education, thank you Justin.

Mary O.

For the last twenty years I’ve been trying to learn to sing. I started by taking a voice class at a conservatory. It was fun, but it didn’t make me a better singer. I decided private voice lessons were the way to go, so I started working with a teacher of a well-known method. She had me do exercises, but after a year my singing was no better than when I started, so I quit.

Over the years I took lessons with teacher after teacher. I certainly had some fun, but I still couldn’t say I was a singer – there were just too many things I couldn’t do with my voice. Worse, every time I sang my throat felt strained and I was hoarse the next day – not a good sign! I began searching for a teacher who could actually help me develop my voice.

This search led me to Justin, my eighth voice teacher. From the first lesson, it was clear that Justin was not like the others. In every single lesson he works my voice in ways that bring out something new. He’s the only voice teacher I’ve ever had who has a one-thousand-step plan to develop my voice. He always knows exactly where I am on the journey, and exactly what I need to work on in each lesson. 

I’ve taken so many little steps, I can’t even remember them all. What I DO know is that I’ve finally become a singer. I can sing notes I never thought I’d sing, and I sing them with ease. People comment on my speaking voice all the time – that never happened before. 

Justin is technically my eighth voice teacher, but I believe he’s the only real voice teacher I’ve ever known. I can’t wait to see how far he can take me. 


After nearly five and a half years of singing, with off-and-on instruction from seven instructors in that time, I can firmly and undoubtedly state that Justin is hands down the most effective and balanced vocal instructor that I have ever come across.

His blend of knowledge – which spans centuries of history in professional vocalization, to the now scientifically-researched and anatomically-based awareness of how we actually get our bodies to do such incredible things such as sing in so many styles, with so many levels of nuance – is more incredible than I’ve ever come across in an instructor prior to meeting him.

I’ve worked with vocal instructors across all schools of teaching including, pop, rock, classical and opera, and Justin has in my humble opinion displayed such an aptitude to rapidly and effectively teach me how to use my body in powerful and healthfully reproducible ways, that it doesn’t seem unlikely that Justin is on par with the greatest instructors that Boston has to offer.

If you are a student like me who has suffered from vocal technique complications, or previous confusions over how to physically use the voice due to communication difficulties with prior instructors, then Justin is likely your guy. He’s approachable, funny and seriously well-informed when it comes to the voice! Justin is a legitimate expert in knowing how to teach students of all different learning styles and personality types. Meeting Justin has literally been a revelation in my approach to singing even though I met him less than three months ago.

Andrew D.

I am a professional singer and Berklee professor and Justin is my personal voice teacher. I’ve worked with many teachers in my life, but Justin has truly changed the way I look at voice. I contact him weekly to help me with technique because he ALWAYS knows the answer to my problem. His technique is based on years of study and experience, so the methods are safe and EXTREMELY effective. Many teachers are classically based (even tho they say they teach contemporary styles), and it’s difficult to find teachers to help with belting and mixing. Justin can tackle anything you request. If you want your technique fixed, look no further. A diamond in the rough…


Justin is a kind and talented teacher who worked with me without judgement. His natural talent combined with obvious training allowed me to figure out how to prepare for an audition that I’ll be in next week! I signed up for my second lesson before I even left my first. Definitely a good choice!

Laurie D.

After 2 lessons with Justin I am very happy that I chose him as an instructor. He has a vast knowledge and ready to share! I was a bit nervous at first, but he makes you get right into it and let’s you work of your positives rather then your negatives! I am so excited to see my progress with him over time! I recommend him to everyone!!!!

-Carlos S.

Justin is an amazing teacher that is great for all ages and levels of experience. His teaching is fitted to the specific student and their needs. I am a professional singer who graduated with a Masters in voice hand have been performing in Boston and around the country and have had a number of former voice teachers. Justin has really been the teacher to help me understand the importance of a healthy function and what it means to build the voice to serve the music (which is the only correct and healthy progression). Justin has made singing fun again and with every lesson I learn more and the approach is getting easier. Ease, understanding and joy, what else could you ask for in a lesson?

-Stefan R.

Justin is great! Not only is he an expert and really knows his stuff, but he is also energetic and empathetic…a combination that makes for a great teacher!

-Emma K. 

Justin has been awesome to work with so far – enthusiastic, caring, knowledgeable and has a very flexible schedule so can easily accommodate my schedule. His repertory of songs is huge and he has been extremely helpful in providing me with different exercises to strengthen and improve my vocal technique. Definitely worth while to work with!

-Molly G.

I have worked with Justin Petersen in private voice sessions off and on for the last year and a half and only have positive things to say. Justin’s mantra is that working with him should be a “safe space” to make mistakes and explore new areas of vocal technique, and it truly is.

Working with Justin helped me feel confident in the process of auditioning for college Musical Theatre programs. He went above and beyond in helping me select audition material and making me feel prepared. Now, as a college student I value working with Justin at least as much. It is a comfort knowing that I have a vocal instructor to work with whose expertise and concern for my well-being I can fully trust, and who makes singing fun!

Rebecca K.

My son has been studying with Justin for about 10 months now and what a difference. He has made such strides under Justin’s instruction. His range has increased on both the top side and the bottom. His voice control has allowed him to start doing runs and add vocal inflections he was not able to do before. My son enjoys singing much more now because he can do things vocally that he only imagined before. Go Justin!

-Paige F.

After not singing for many years, I joined a group of folks interested in starting a band. While this is purely for fun and recreation, I knew that my voice was completely out of shape and had no idea where to start to improve – I had never taken voice lessons before. Justin has been great. He listens carefully, evaluates my strengths and weaknesses and provides exercises that have steadily improved my voice and ability to sing for long stretches without hurting or straining myself. He stresses balance of the vocal registers to ensure that the voice improves in a healthy way. He also has a wonderful, supportive manner that makes the lessons enjoyable.

-Gina M.

Justin’s studio is a safe space. Any fears or ego quickly dissolve after a few minutes of vocalizing with him, and gradually a natural, truthful voice emerges that you might not have known you had. His devotion to teaching, his gentle manner, his comprehensive knowledge of the human voice, his kindness and delightful sense of humor cultivate a secure, comfortable studio environment. I’ve come to realize through lessons with Justin that encouraging and embracing a peaceful spirit make for an open, warm, honest sound. I often leave Justin’s studio feeling the way I do when I leave yoga. I am proud to call Justin my teacher.

-Gillian M.

Justin is a true professional. His repertoire of music far surpasses any other vocal coach I have ever known or worked with. He is able to identify vocal strengths immediately and match students with perfect rep. Justin is kind, caring and extremely fun. Justin is the best!

-Chelsea D.