The ‘brighter’ lower male voice


Earlier today I posted about the current aesthetic trend of training the male voice into a darker, woofier place.

I think it’s important to qualify the earlier post with audio examples of lower male voices that are not overly darkened. Most of these male singers were active during the early to mid-20th century.

Things to listen for in these samples:

  • Purity of intonation
  • Clarity of vowels and intelligibility of text, especially the ‘ah’ vowel
  • Dynamic contrast in piano and forte passages
  • A brighter vocal sound balancing against a natural darkness of the timbre
  • The relative youthfulness of their singing, despite the lower tessitura of their voices

Robert Weede

Robert Weede sings “Il balen del suo sorriso” from Don Carlo (Spotify link)

John Charles Thomas

Nelson Eddy

Pol Plançon

Victor Maurel