How Teaching Singing is Like Gardening

"Teaching singing has much in common with the art of gardening. In many ways, one cultivates the garden of vocalism just as one approaches the flower garden: prepare the soil, plant firmly, water, fertilize, weed, and mulch, then enjoy the bloom. These responsibilities are equally rewarding. Careful soil preparation is an essential first step for [...]

Technique is a Delivery System for Meaning

The title of this blog post is taken from an expression that I learned from director Jon Jory. A recent Instagram post of Daniel Barenboim inspired some lively discussion on the role of technique in artistry. It's very common today to see many discussion boards replete with information on technique and technical maneuvers. Barenboim's quote [...]

The Abt Collection

Many fine vocalization books have been published since the 18th and 19th century. In general, these books follow the same format of beginning with simple vocal concepts and gradually building more and more complex musical skills. While many teachers readily grab a copy of the Marchesi book, or the often utilized Vaccai, there is another [...]