Training with Tito Schipa

One of the pupils of the famous tenor Tito Schipa (1889 -1965) was Stefan Zucker, who went on to found the Bel Canto Society.  Zucker's lessons with Schipa cost $12. Zucker described his lessons with Schipa like this: The routine began with scales [on the five alphabetic vowels, Italian a, e, i, o, u] with [...]

Audio: Tito Schipa and Toti dal Monte sing from “Don Pasquale” Two of the artists that have so inspired me, not only in their technique, but in their heartfelt approach to music are Tito Schipa and Toti dal Monte. I will be posting more about these two phenomenal singers in future posts, but wanted to share this beautiful rendering of this duet from Donizetti's "Don [...]

Somatic Voicework™: The LoVetri Method and Functional Voice Training

What IS functional voice training? In short, it is a pedagogy based on reason and logic to move voice instruction from the subjective 'aesthetic' into the practical 'functional' arena.  It doesn't see voice training as an 'end result' but as a journey of discovery to freedom of movement in the vocal mechanism. The challenge in [...]