Fach and Hazrat Inayat Khan

Every person is gifted. God has given him a certain pitch, a natural note, and if that pitch develops and he develops that natural note, it is a magic, he can perform a miracle. But he must think about the hall where he has to sing, and of how loud he must shout! There was [...]

Profound Wisdom from Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan

Over the next several days I will be sharing the profound wisdom of Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927). Khan was the founder of The Sufi Order in the West in 1914 (London) and teacher of Universal Sufism. He initially came to the West as a Northern Indian classical musician. His message of divine unity focused on the themes of [...]

Quote of the Day

Defective voices enjoy a special immunity. The public, accustomed to their uneven or veiled tones, only perceives with difficulty any problems they may be experiencing. [But] it is not the same with voices that are naturally pure; the more perfect the voice, the more easily the ear captures any distortion. Faure, Jean-Batiste, et al. La [...]

Theodore Dimon on Breathing

  To say that Theodore Dimon is an influence on my understanding of the singing voice would be an understatement. Dr. Theodore (Ted) Dimon is the founder and director of The Dimon Institute and an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia Teachers College. Dimon’s pioneering work covers the study of the human mental and physical ‘operating [...]