How Should I Think About Breathing?

A celebrated soprano recently posted her tips for vocal technique with a considerable foray into breathing. Because of the particular industry trade of her name, this post was shared in many singer forums and pages. In this blog, she enumerated many things that the singer must DO when thinking about their breath and especially their support [...]

Pierfrancesco Tosi, The Grandfather of Bel Canto

In his book, "Observations on the Florid Song," Tosi has given a great deal of information regarding the methods of vocal training used during his day. The book is divided into three parts and consists of instructions to teachers, pupils and singers. Tosi was a singer and composer, as well as, a teacher. His voice [...]

The Old Masters Applied Nature’s Laws

Without troubling themselves to reason the matter out, they [the Old Masters] always obeyed and applied the laws which Nature has imposed on the voice. The first of these laws is, as we have seen, that the voice is guided by the ear. Yet it may be doubted whether they could have stated in plain [...]