More on the Pharyngeal Voice

I thought I'd throw in a couple of historical connections regarding the pharyngeal voice. The first person to coin the actual word in print was Edgar Herbert-Caesari, but he also acknowledged in May 1950 in the Musical Times that there was no such thing as a pharyngeal voice. (Semantics, semantics!) Herbert-Caesari asserted the idea came from the Italian [...]

Isaac Nathan on the “Feigned” aka “Pharyngeal” voice

Here are some wonderful quotes from Isaac Nathan's "Misurgia Vocalis" published in 1836, on using the feigned voice, or what might today be considered the voce faringea or voce della strega. I highly recommend this book to all teachers of voice as an excellent example of the teaching methods of the early 1800s. There is a break, more or less, [...]