From Two Registers to Three…(Registrational Mitosis?)

We now come to 1840—a year made noteworthy in the life of Garcia by another important advance in his career. Since his appointment to a professorship at the Paris Conservatoire, his reputation had continued to be steadily consolidated, and his clientèle included, besides those who were being trained for the musical profession, a great number [...]

Exercising the Registers of the Voice

Another 'superstition' that should be mentioned concerns the current belief that 'registers' should never be practised separately because it leads to a so-called 'register divergency', i.e. 'an unhealthy separation of the registers' which will eventually prevent them from blending. A reminder: the optimal, the physiologically correct tone, is produced by the mutual, unified functioning of [...]

Proper Distinction in Registers

Tell your liver what to do right now. Say, "Liver, do your job!". Go ahead. I'll wait. Anything? Much like other parts of the body, the voice is best trained in a way that is INDIRECT rather than direct. What this means is that methods of singing that attempt to MAKE the voice DO something [...]