Even dramatics need a coloratura approach!

Even the biggest or the dramatic categories of voice depend for their successful production on the wise use of the UPPER SURFACE (upper edges) of the vocal cords – the same vital principle which characterizes the true coloratura soprano, revealing the impartation of a healthy “ping” or “metal” (metallo) to the tone, however voluminous. So many voices today are “beefy” and “woofy” precisely because these upper edges do not adduct sufficiently close enough – as they always should – resulting in a leakage of breath and a loss of “metal” (which does NOT mean a hardening of the tone). It should be obvious to anyone that this first principle of production ensures the maximum carrying power – particularly of the high notes, owing to the HARMONIC development accompanying it.

Herbert-Caesari, Edgar F. Tradition and Gigli, 1600-1955. Hale, 1958.


Image is of Birgit Nilsson, who often compared her singing approach to that of a coloratura soprano.

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