Daniela Bloem-Hubatka and the Old Italians

I’m mentioned in the Netherlands!

Daniela Bloem-Hubatka, is an author whose book “The Old Italian School of Singing” was a tremendous resource for my education last year. (My review of her book can be found in the comments section).

Her book chronicles a historical way of training voices that is distilled from thousands of resources in several languages. Her arguments are compelling and convincing in their approach. Much of what she writes about stands outside much of 20th century pedagogy. It is apparent from her copious notes and bibliography that this Old Italian schooling has either largely passed into memory, or has been corrupted by 20th Century ideas.

After reading her book, I struck up a conversation with her via email, thanking her for her book, and we’ve become fast friends. Daniela has a passion for learning and a respect for these great maestri that warms my heart.

She is leading a class in the Netherlands on her book and the Old School techniques of the Italian Masters, and was kind enough to mention me in her materials.

This text is an important one, and should be more widely read by teachers and singers.


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