Aspirated Inhalations Courtesy of the WWF

One of my students with an equally raucous sense of humor sent me the following link from YouTube.

It’s a clip of aspirated inhalation from the gentlemen of the World Wrestling Federation. It’s silly and funny, but it makes a great point: audible inhalation isn’t a good ‘default’ for singing. It can be appropriate as a STYLISTIC choice in some styles of music. But as a ‘general technical setting’ it tends not to be an efficient use of the instrument.

When we audibly inhale, the sound we’re hearing is air passing through a constricted pharynx. The Old Italians in their scant remarks on breathing usually mention that breath must be SILENT. This is in accordance with assuring that the throat wouldn’t be tightened in anticipation to the phonative act.

Enjoy this wild video of these guys doing exactly what I don’t want students doing in lessons!

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