Quote of the Day

The voice trainer must realize that nothing extraneous can be added to the organ of song; that all the qualities needed in singing exist already within it. He must also realize that nothing can release these qualities except the proper functioning of the organ itself. All we can do is to stimulate it into helping itself – just as in the medical treatment of diseases today, some form of reaction is induced which causes the body to heal itself. In physical respects, Man possesses no self-creative capacity, for the same rules apply to him as to all organic being. (The gardener can draw more out of a plant than is latently present within it, just as no animal can be forced to do things for which it has no natural aptitude.) A voice trainer who works according to laws of his own fabrication will end by substituting a sickly, artificial instrument in place of the natural mechanism preplanned with such incredible logic – a disaster which occurs all too frequently.

Husler, Frederick, and Yvonne Rodd-Marling. Singen. Schott, 1965.

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