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…if strong coordinate action is present, and the voice is obviously being well used, exercises for separating the registers should not be employed at all. Division of the registers is only advisable when there is a patent need for correcting muscular imbalances.

Reid, Cornelius L. The free voice: a guide to natural singing. Joseph Patelson Music House, 1978.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Justin, below B2 or above B4, wouldn’t the voice separate anyway? Isolated chest register below or isolated head register above?

    1. Hi Steve! I suppose that would depend on the student, but I think you’re right. My rationale for posting this is that often people think that Functional Voice Training is only about separation of the registration. Clearly, if the instrument is of a high calibre and has a lengthy two octave range (or more) and can swell and diminish fluently within a stable resonance adjustment, then there’s no need to separate registers. However, RARE is the singer that presents with such functional ability in lessons. Most every singer needs a bit of adjustment to perfect the muscular balance of the voice.

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