Garcia on the Acquisition of Agility

Q: While the faults of emission are mending, is there any other study to be pursued? A: The acquirement of agility. Q: How is this to be obtained? A: By the study of diatonic scales, passages of combined intervals, arpeggios, chromatic scales, turns, shakes, light and shade. Q: How long will this study take? A: [...]

The Old Neapolitan School of Velocity – Part 1

But I must teach Trilby to trill — no pun meant — and run fast scales, and although there are many and varied ways of trying to get at the same result, we're going to take the easiest and most direct method there is — and I know them all — the Old Neapolitan School [...]

Learning the Coloratura Style

By YVONNE de TREVILLE Though born in Texas, Mme. Yvonne de Treville may be regarded as an international singer, since she is as well known in Europe as here. She enjoyed very excellent training as a coloratura soprano, and has appeared in opera at the Opera Comique, Paris; Opéra Imperial, Petrograd; Théatre de la Monnaie, [...]