Quote of the Day

I am of the opinion that vocal masters of the past were listening to the play of overtones in the voices which they were training - it is they who developed the term, "registers." And, I know that better and faster results are obtained when a somnambulistic approach is taken in this acoustical type of [...]

Distorting Vowels for Greater “Resonance”…

We frequently hear agreeable tones, as far as musical quality is concerned, but we have, in nine such cases out of ten, to dispense with a clearly defined vowel, as, in order to obtain the musical quality, the singer generally sacrifices, or distorts, the vowel, so that it might be anything but that which it [...]

The Quest for Resonance

David Ffrançon-Davies was a Welsh baritone and regarded as an authority on the voice. He studied under the tenor William Shakespeare, who himself was a student of Francesco Lamperti. In his book The Singing of the Future, he mentions an issue for students that strive to acquire resonance: A very vital danger confronts the student at [...]

Blanche Arral on ‘Forward Production’

"The modern voice induces and applies resonance by means of a forward production independent of the pitch of the note to obtain a predetermined ideal resonance not naturally appropriate to the note.  Certain exercises stimulate supposed places of resonance, thereby working on the effect and not the cause of sound production, in other words putting [...]