Foreman’s Historical Perspectives: 20th Century Pedagogy – Part I

At no time in history has the diversity of ways in which vocal sound can be manipulated been more apparent. Nor has there ever been less agreement on how to achieve those diverse sounds, or what constitutes “good singing.”1 On the other hand, contemporary teachers proceed to disagree with much less public acrimony than in the 19th century—for [...]

Worry and Singing

Worry is trained into us by our culture. Instead of practicing or studying or growing; we worry: "Am I good enough?," "Will they like me?," "Do I like my voice?," "Am I where I need to be?," "Is this the right song/aria/repertoire for me?," "Why is my voice doing THAT?," "Should I be feeling something [...]

Somatic Voicework™: The LoVetri Method and Functional Voice Training

What IS functional voice training? In short, it is a pedagogy based on reason and logic to move voice instruction from the subjective 'aesthetic' into the practical 'functional' arena.  It doesn't see voice training as an 'end result' but as a journey of discovery to freedom of movement in the vocal mechanism. The challenge in [...]