Where does your song come from?

I grew up on this farm in Peculiar, MO. It’s still there and waits for me when I come home every Christmas.

Growing up in this setting of trees and grass, flower and field, sky and pond, who WOULDN’T break into song? Nature all around can inspire the human spirit – it always has. The childhood that I had here could easily be described as idyllic. Music was a part of this world as much as bales of hay that were collected every fall. This cradle of my existence is the foundation and source of my joy of singing.  It is the place that I can go to that ‘recharges’ my batteries no matter what the world throws at me.

This singing place doesn’t know of ego, or competition, or judgement. It doesn’t judge other’s singing and try to be better than you, or prove that YOUR song is WRONG or not as good.

How about you? 

Where in your world does your love for singing come from? Connecting with that place is sacred and can help focus your deeper sense of why you sing in the first place.

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