F. W. Wodell on the Source of Sound

All tones of whatever pitch, have their point of generation in the same place – the larynx. Though the language of the schools, or some of them, certain series of tones are called respectively “chest,””medium” or “falsetto,” (Garcia) or “mouth,” and “head” tones, nevertheless every tone has its beginning at the vocal chords. The normal action of the chords in tone-generation may be called automatic and we are not directly conscious of it. It is not possible for us to set the chords at work to produce tone in any way except by first mentally “hearing” a pitch and a vowel and willing the realization of our concept. We cannot secure chordal action apart from such a mental process. No tones are originated in the chest, mouth or head. What is observed by the singer when tones of the low, middle or upper range are sounded is a sensation of vibration, more or less distinct, in the chest, mouth, face or “head,” as the case may be. This is a matter of reflection, sympathetic vibration, resonance.

Wodell, F. W. “Efficiency in Vocal Teaching.” Etude Magazine: February 1914

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