Quote of the Day

“In this way of learning it’s a different philosophy, and particularly in the sense that we EXPOSE the errors, we don’t cover them up.
Most methods are designed to cover them up. Here we expose them on the simple basis of a simple theory, which is that if you eliminate all the faults, then what? You are perfect. So you see, you arrive at perfection by attacking faults, as opposed to taking what is already good about your voice and trying to spread THAT good, which can only take you THAT far because of certain limitations.
And those, the negative factors, if we can get them out of the way, then the voice is going to be FREER, and that’s going to be YOUR voice, and not the voice I happen to like.”
Cornelius Reid, (1911-2008), taken from a private voice lesson, and the recordings of the “Cornelius Reid Project CDs”

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