How Does Indirect Functional Voice Training Create ‘Technique’?

Anything that is REPEATED will ultimately become a conditioned reflex. This reflex will repeat itself again and again without having to be consciously controlled. It truly becomes ‘automatic.’

An example can be found in babies learning to walk. Once all the complicated movements and balancing actions of the baby become reflexive, the act of walking becomes automatic. Likewise, regardless of a singer’s skill level, the response to the idea of singing becomes habitual.

Unfortunately, there are GOOD and BAD habits connected with EVERY singer’s tone production. A teacher’s work becomes knowing when to leave the technique alone to develop naturally and when to intervene.

The body and its functions are rational.

When technique is correct the systems will ‘remember’ and respond in a correct and habitual manner without needing to be ‘controlled’ directly, thus allowing the singer to express the music as a spontaneous utterance, and leading to more authentic communication.

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