Visible Faults

Herbert Witherspoon has laid out a wide-ranging list of VISIBLE faults which we can address in lessons and training the singer.

We work with what we HEAR and WHAT we SEE. That’s all we’ve got to go on.

I am replicating them in FULL from his book, Singing, published in 1925.

Mouth too open
Trumpet lips
Throat swelling at base
Grinning smile
Throat enlarging and swollen veins
Trembling throat
Pushing down muscles under chin
Raised larynx
Palate pulled up and back, fauces widened
Wrinkled forehead
Wrinkled nose
Humped tongue
Tongue curled up away from lower teeth, sometimes almost closing the mouth aperture
Lowered larynx
Goiterous swelling
Falling ribs and chest on attack
Protruding abdomen
Poor standing position
Raising or hunching of shoulders
Too high or rigid chest
Too much drawing in of abdomen
Needless disturbance of the mouth
Non-active lips
Protruding jaw
Bowing the head for high notes

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