Lablache Unites the Registers

The two registers of the male voice frequently afford unequal sounds, which would produce a very disagreeable effect, if the ability to unite them could not be attained by study. The highest tones of the chest are very strong, by the very effort which they require, while the first head-tones are very soft and often feeble. Hence it is necessary to apply one’s self to strengthening the latter, and softening the former. As our organs permit us to produce the extreme sounds of one register in the next register, the best means of uniting the two kinds of sounds, is to begin by making a single sound pass from the chest-register to the head-register, and vice versa.


The letter C indicates the Chest-voice, and the letter H indicates the Head-voice.

To facilitate the reading for amateurs, we have written all the exercises in the treble clef, though for male voices this manner of writing is not regular.



Lablache, Luigi. Lablache’s Complete Method of Singing: Or, a Rational Analysis of the Principles According to which the Studies Should be Directed for Developing the Voice... Oliver Ditson & Company, 1876.

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