Summer Vacation and Quote of the Day

I have been very lax in blogging these past months, and it’s due to the fact that I have been teaching a lot, as well as working on developing my skills in French.

I’ve gained some insights into the process of language acquisition that are simmering for future posts, but I haven’t quite codified my ideas yet, so they’re merely just hunches and observations of the similarities. Will hope to share these in future posts.

Now that summer’s on its way I hope to muse with you more on pedagogical insight.

As I spend time thinking about Voice Science, a recent reading of Erwin Schrödinger (the cat guy) really spoke to me:

‘…there is a tendency to forget that all science is bound up with human culture in general, and that scientific findings, even those which at the moment appear the most advanced and esoteric and difficult to grasp, are meaningless outside their cultural context’.

Looking forward to writing more for you in the future!

Stay tuned!



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