The Chief Danger in Learning to Sing

It should be borne in mind that any undue or exaggerated attention or effort directed to any part of a bodily muscular coordination generally interferes with that coordination. This is one of the chief dangers in lea.png

Witherspoon was right.

The chief danger in learning to sing is fussing too much with parts.

We live in an age obsessed with controlling the voice.

The Old Masters “cultivated” the voice; they did not go in for “voice production.” Check out the wording on treatises of the 19th century. Books written early on discuss the ‘cultivation of the voice.’ Later books focused on ‘voice production.’

One belongs to Nature, the other to the factory assembly line.

We are NOT machines. We are human beings. You cannot push buttons to make a voice work better.

Until we honor and acknowledge the organic nature of the singing voice and stop trying to locally control everything, we will unable to find a pedagogy built upon respect for our fellow human beings and the wisdom of their bodies and throats.

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